Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yarn Along - two hats finished!

I typically don't model my own handknits ( I usually get my super cute sister to model for me), but it had to be done today so that I could get my Yarn Along post up in time.  I've been busy knitting away the past few weeks. I did a huge inventory of all my knitting supplies in hopes that I could reduce the amount of  projects in gallon-size Ziplocs.  I organized all my yarn.  I bought a few new patterns and I unraveled the in-progress Wallaby sweater I started for Luke two years ago.  He had picked out crazy variegated yarn, but since then, he's grown out of the yarn he chose.  I can completely understand that.  I don't mind the unraveling.  I'm a better knitter now than when I started the sweater. I also know how to choose yarn better. Plus, it gives me a reason to buy more sweater yarn.

 Anyway,  I knit the Garter Ridge hat from this book.  I made this one for a friend who looks lovely in Autumnal colors of burnt orange and deep brown.  I love the look of this hat and the brown yarn tones down the orange a little.  I just have to block it a little so that it won't curl so much on the bottom.  It's four rows of brown garter which gives this simple hat a little structure.

Here it is again up close.  Too bad there's a glare. 

It's me again!  It's the same hat as above, but this time I used Mission Falls
1824 wool and a little of Quince & Co.  Lark in Peacock for the garter ridges. 
I bought only one skein of the Mission Falls thinking it might just be enough
for the hat, but at only 85 yards per skein,  I needed just a little bit more. I knew it would be barely enough, but I
suppose I was too cheap to buy two skeins at once. Now, I have almost a full skein left over.  It turns out that Mission Falls has gone out
of business.  So, if you like this yarn, go stock up now!
Here's another view.  My jogless jog isn't great looking.  So, I'm disappointed with this hat. Color changes need work!

Okay, now onto the books.  I'm still reading One Thousand Gifts
I originally bought this for my Kindle, but I bought the hardcover as well.
Something about this book just needs to be read the old-fashioned way!
I also am perusing Simplify because I want to do more quilting this year.
I have plans for at least two quilts, but a little inspiration doesn't hurt.

My current project on the needles is the Irish Hiking Hat.  After this hat, I'm
taking a break from knitting hats!  This one's for my hubby. I've been
promising him a hat for a VERY long time.  It's time to deliver
on that promise.

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Meredith said...

I love them, so pretty and very chic on YOU :)

Gretchen R said...

I've been wondering why Mission Falls hasn't been at my yarn store anymore. That explains it. Great hats! I bet they're perfectly warm!

S/V Mari Hal-O-Jen said...

My husband actually mentioned he could use a hat if this nasty cold weather keeps up. I nearly fell over in shock!