Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yarn Along- more sweaters for little T

I literally bound off the sleeve minutes before trying to get little T to model her new sweater for me.  Okay, I bribed her with a cookie, but she certainly did not stand still for any of the photos.  This is the same sweater from last week's Yarn Along.  This time I used almost two full skeins of Plymouth Encore Colorspun.  Although I used the exact same needles, this sweater came out much larger than the red one knit with Berroco Vintage Worsted.  I call this sweater the chubbymaker.  It makes little T look well, not so little.  I didn't do any knit gauge. I just cast on and went with it.
It's amazing how different yarns of the same weight knit up completely differently.  I am partial to the red sweater.

I would have been done with this sweater two nights ago if I hadn't made a huge mistake.  I bound off on the
second sleeve. I had woven in the ends and that's when I noticed a dropped stitch. That one little stitch
threatened to unravel my sleeve.  So, it meant un-doing the bound off edge, pulling out a few rows, securing all the sleeve stitches on the DPNs and doing it all over again.  It happens.

She will grow into it although the neck opening is already too small. 

I didn't want to push my luck and make her change her long-sleeve tee, but it's really distracting with all those stripes.
This is the Chloe sweater that I've been working on when not working on the pink pullover sweater. I just need to weave in the ends and find a closure for the top.  I'm thinking about a clasp of some sort, but I did buy a button as
well.  I'll think about that later.
Temporarily, I used a stitch marker to keep it together.  Can you see that little light blue plastic safety pin?
Here's the back of the Chloe shrug.  I knit it a lot longer than the pattern notes. I really enjoy knitting with Spud&Chloe
yarn!  The colors are vibrant, soft and perfect for children's things!
As for reading, I just started The Forgotten Garden last night. This novel is for next month's book club.  It was very late, after midnight, when I opened the book.
So, needless to say, I know I read less than five pages.  Now, I'm trying to decide what to knit next.  Maybe the Easter eggs?

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Anonymous said...

I love that pink yarn. I'd be right behind you with that pattern except that I know Sarah's head is big so the neck opening on Tess worries me...Which yarn is it, exactly?
And your chloe is darling-)

S/V Mari Hal-O-Jen said...

oooh... I'll have to check out the Easter Eggs. I'm between projects too since I just finished my first baby sweater! Thanks for the link...