Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yarn Along

This week, I am reading The Reading Promise by Alice Ozma and yes, her name is Alice Ozma (named after Alice in Wonderland and a character from the Oz books). Her literary name matches her memoir of reading with her father. Alice and her father made a reading promise that lasted from when she was nine until she left for college. Her father read to her every day (no exceptions) for at least ten minutes a day.  This was the perfect book to read right now as I contemplate how Luke and I seem to have less and less time for reading aloud. When I read that they set a minimum of ten minutes daily, I though that I could do that easily. Since the twins arrived, reading aloud with Luke had diminished to about once a week which is hardly enough time to keep the flow of a book going. He's growing up so quickly and I want to hold onto our reading tradition. So, I decided that Luke and I would read again every night, but I wouldn't put so much pressure on myself to read for thirty or forty minutes in one sitting anymore. The important thing is the consistency. We recently started reading the latest Penderwick novel and it's just the thing for summer reading!
On the needles?  Too much stuff, but this week, I'm working on the Cat Cay Cowl featured at Quince and Co. and boy, is it ever tedious. I like the small cables, but every round is different and I can't really look away from the pattern very much. I'm also making another self-striping hat for Tess, but this time in something a little more feminine. I'm actually not sure what yarn this is.  I know it's some sock yarn from Hobby Lobby. I always need some project that doesn't require a lot of brain power and something that I can throw in my bag without also having to grab my entire knitting bag of tools. I'm also organizing my yarn again. I can't help it. When I'm knitting something, I can't completely focus on it as I am always planning for or thinking about  the next project. I am literally forcing myself to stay focused on this cowl until it's done. Knitting may calm me down, but it hasn't cured my ADD tendencies.

Don't forget to head over to Ginny's for more yarn and books! 


Kathy said...

Great idea to have an easy project going at the same time as a project that requires more concentration. I find that baby hats knit in the round are my go-to "easy take along" project, although I've been dragging a Baby Surprise Jacket around with me lately. (Easy to knit, but a bigger project than is easy to pop in one's bag!) Thanks for sharing your work on the Yarn Along!

Jen @ Wife, "Mom", Knitter said...

That sounds like a really great book.

I love the projects you've got on the needles. So cute.

Kelly said...

I know that yarn you're using for the self striping hat. I know because it's what I picked up at Michaels for my first pair of socks! It's Patons Kroy Socks "Sweet Stripes". :)

That book has been on my list of "to reads" for a while now. It sounds good.

The cowl is beautiful! I know what you mean when you talk of your ADD tendencies. I do the very same thing. I have three knitting projects going right now. My first socks (which I'm stuck on because my baby pulled out two of my needles *tears*), washcloth (stalled on because of a serious yarn tangle problem) and the Cap Sleeve Sweater for my 4 year old (going smoothly so far). Oh! I forgot I also started a herringbone stitch scarf, lol. Looks like I have 4 projects going! I'm trying to set everything aside except for the Cap Sleeve Sweater right now. My little girl if very adamant that it gets done SOON.