Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hello September

Since Luke was 7, We've unofficially started our school year by reading Christopher's Harvest Time. This year was no different.  Even though he will be 12 in a few days, he still sat down with me to listen to me read this. This book ushers in our year and reminds us that summer is over. We eased into the day by baking chocolate chip muffins.  Luke did most of the work. He did a little reading, worked on one of his cartoons, and helped me with the twins. It doesn't sound like much, but I know there's a lot of learning going on even when it isn't super-structured. Like I said, we're easing into the new year. 

I enrolled Sam in first grade and it was a tough decision. It was so difficult that I didn't make the final decision until a couple of days before school started. I miss him every day. We work on our reading lessons together every evening before bed and I cherish that time with just him. I still want to be the one who teaches him to read.

 It's going to be an interesting year. Being mommy to 5 little people is stretching me, molding me and challenging me unlike any other challenge in my life. I have so much hope for this year. Sam is going to read. Tess will potty train and the twins are going to walk soon. There's a lot of learning ahead.

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