Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Time for the Tooth Fairy!

His tooth has been wiggly for a while, but I was hoping it wouldn't fall out just yet. There's something about losing that first tooth that just makes me so sad. It means he's growing up. I love looking at those small baby teeth. Now, a big tooth is ready to emerge and it will start a domino-effect on the rest of his tiny teeth. His little baby face will change and re-arrange and I'm not ready for it. This growing up happens way too quickly.

Luke, who is 12 seems to be losing a tooth every other day these days. I don't remember losing a single tooth during junior high, but I guess I did. Even though I've seen him lose numerous teeth since he was 7, I know that this is the last of the baby phase for him. His visits from the Tooth Fairy are numbered, but Sammy will get his first visit tonight! Farewell, first baby tooth!

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