Saturday, February 18, 2012

Got my geese in a row

I didn't have this finished in time for this week's Yarn Along, but even if I had, I couldn't post it until now. This little hat was a gift for a baby shower happening today. Since my blog posts also link to Facebook, I didn't want the recipient to see it before her shower.  Anyway, I've got a lot to learn about stranded knitting and color work. The hat is much too tight and I'm a little disappointed in the final result although I think the geese are darling. I knit the hat longer before the decrease section and the hat is now too tall. Oh well. I chock it up to adding more skills to my knitting repertoire.

Oh, and all those hats I wanted to knit for Valentine's day? Didn't happen. I finished Tessie's hat and Paul's too, but I'm only half-way through Sammy's dragon hat. Luke didn't really want a new hat right now and the twins? They didn't care about not getting matching Valentine's hats! I had to set the dragon hat down anyway to make sure I finished the Olga the Goose hat in time.

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Our Family said...

That turned out so cute!