Monday, March 26, 2012

Sewing Space

On Saturday night, my husband and I got some rare time out together without the kids. We were almost giddy with the thought of some time together. We had some dinner, went to IKEA , and a movie. Paul really wanted to go to IKEA although I could have skipped it, but I'm glad I didn't. We found this desk and I thought it would be a perfect sewing table. I wasn't really in the mood to part with the money for it, but then we found a display model in the "as-is" sale section for over half off. Well, we loaded it up in Paul's Outback and brought it home. The cabinets on the sides are big enough to house my sewing machine when I'm not sewing. It looks so much better than the old computer desk I had been using for sewing.
I dug out the dress that I started last April and I vowed to finish it before Easter even though I know Tess has grown too big for it. Isn't that sad? I'm struggling with sewing clothes. I'm a quilter and I have almost zero experience sewing anything other than a quilt.
Recently, I found myself at quilt shop in Golden and I bought some pre-cut half- yards to make these tote bags that Jenn inspired me to sew.  I thought that these totes would make great library book bags and possibly great handmade gifts for children's birthday parties.

I just love little stacks of beautiful fabric. I've been buying more fabric than yarn lately. I'm over-inspired as usual.


Jennifer said...

Wow, it's lovely! I'd be so inspired to sew there.

Elisa said...

Beautiful, sunny space!

Alisa said...

what a great sewing table!! And all your fabrics look lovely! Happy sewing!!

Jeannine said...

How pretty and bright. My sewing space is in the basement, not too much light...but since I usually sew at night, wouldn't make much difference anyway!

Oh, I can't wait to see the finished garment for your daughter. I'm feeling a little bit of pressure, too, since my daughter is currently an 8 and so many of the patterns I've wanted to sew up only go up to size 8!

hannahw said...

What a sweet sewing space and a nive little pile of fabric! Here is my sewing link (I also posted several dresses I made on Tuesday):