Monday, March 26, 2012

A boy & his chickens

Here's Luke with one of his 15 baby chickens. I have to say that I was extremely unenthusiastic about him getting chickens. My sister and her husband (who live across the street) keep chickens and Luke
got very excited about owning his own. I have to admit that I told him a big NO on getting chickens. Did I mention that he wanted to keep them in my garden? Well, good old Uncle Markie told me that he could keep his chickens at his house. Really? Well okay, then.
Luke went and bought 6 baby chicks and somehow, he and his uncle bought 9 more. He tends to them several times a day.
Today, he's building a bigger coop to house all of his rapidly growing baby chicks.  He's learning a lot. Why did I ever say no?
I'm happy that he's taken on the discipline of caring for all of these birds. It involves a lot of time and commitment and I'm proud of him.When these chickens start laying, I think he's going to charge me for eggs though.

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