Thursday, May 17, 2012

Needle and thREAD

I pieced my Bargello quilt. I now need to cut the vertical strips and reassemble the
strips. This quilt is supposed to show the deep sea moving up to the surface
and sky. I ordered new sail boat fabric because my original fabric didn't work well.  I'll use
 the original sailboat fabric for the backing instead. It's an intensely blue quilt and the abstract
water is both soothing and dramatic. I'm really hoping that the image I have in my head will match the reality.
Tess is holding Charlotte Au Chocolat which happens to be this week's reading.
Yesterday, I went to the garden store and bought some strawberry plants. It's been my dream to grow abundant
strawberries so that I can make my own jam with my own strawberries. I noticed that I have a few strawberry plants that have volunteered from last year. I saw a strawberry blossom today! This inspired me to download to my Kindle: Grow The Best Strawberries.
needle and thREAD

I started this dress last year in April. I had great plans to knit a matching sweater. It didn't happen. I'm sure
 I got distracted and moved on to some other project. Anyway, it's  now way too small for Tess. Since I've made several Lazy Days Skirts recently, I decided to drop the
regular hem for this dress and substitute the ribbon hem. After all that practice edge-stitching
the ribbon,  I thought this ribbon hem would be a snap.  It should have been easy, but I botched it pretty badly. I can't un-do it. I shall just be glad that this dress is finally finished and move on. So, here is my first dress ever! Those darling little apples are so sweet and I know a new baby girl who will get this dress and hopefully overlook the amateur sewing job.

More reading and sewing here!


Kelly said...

Oh, my goodness! What a beautiful blanket that will be! I absolutely love the ocean theme. Very soothing, indeed. Your dress is adorable and those apples are so sweet. I enjoyed making Little Man's blanket so much as my first project, that though I REALLY want to make my girls some skirts, all I can think about is buying more material for making another blanket, lol. I'm fickle like that. ;) I guess I just need to do both.

Thanks for the inspiration as always, Carmie. It's always fun to see what you've been creating.

Jeannine said...

I love the fabric of the dress! Really cute!

And I love the idea of the blanket, pieced horizontally like that.