Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happiness and buying the occasional paperback

Gretchen Rubin inscribing a book for her uncle at the Tattered Cover.
Last night, I had the opportunity of both seeing and meeting Gretchen Rubin at the Tattered Cover Bookstore. She wrote The Happiness Project and her follow-up, Happier at Home and they were both huge bestsellers. I read Happier at Home last year and it made my short list of the best books I read in 2013. Her book has stayed with me since I've read it. I even started reading Rubin's blog over the past year and that really kept the subject of happiness at the forefront of my mind. She's insightful an interesting and she's kept me thinking deeply about happiness and kept it a priority in my life.

So, I didn't really have plans to buy an autographed copy of Happier at Home since I rarely buy print books anymore (sad), but I just couldn't resist buying the new paperback. I check out most of my books from the library or read books on my Kindle these days.

 I really wanted to talk to Gretchen even if only for a minute. I always get so excited to talk to an author. (I know. I'm a total nerd.) After hearing her talk, I though I'd like to revisit her book again this year and that's a rare notion for me. I just don't have much time to go back and re-read books given that my to-read pile doesn't shrink, but there are some books that are really worth it. So, I bought a paperback of Happier at Home and had her inscribe it to Paul. I mean, my husband should read it too. He's heard me talk a lot about this for almost a year.
 Invest in the occasional paperback. Your happiness depends on it.

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