Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Morning Book Post

I read a quote on Melissa Wiley's blog this week and it just so resonated with how I read that I have to quote it here:

 I have eleventy-thousand books queued up, so naturally I decided to reread Middlemarch. (I’ve given up trying to figure out my capricious reading whims anymore. If a book insists it wants to be read, I read it.)
Melissa just nails it! I'm never going to get to all the books on the to-read pile. I don't even try to have some systematic way of tackling them. Unlike the rest of my life, I just give in to all of my fleeting reading fancies. I simply just read and follow any rabbit trail that I can.

No matter how much I try to organize my reading, I give into my reading whims all the time too. I'll be in the middle of a book when another book presents itself and my fickle reading self will put down that book and pick up another. My reading habits are random, disorganized, and often times irresponsible. I should be reading my book club book (The Goldfinch), but I'm rebellious that way.

Yesterday, I started reading Stolen on my phone. Melissa Wiley announced that it was pretty cheap on Kindle and it was a book that she still thought about. Some books completely slip out of my mind once I'm done with them, but there are those precious few that linger within in my thoughts long after I've finished them and moved onto something else. So, if Melissa says the books sticks with her, I'm hoping for the same thing except I think this book may be a little on the haunting side.

Stolen is considered in YA, but already I can tell that it's the kind of YA that is just at the edge of that Emerging Adult label. It's dark and edgy. It involves a kidnapping and well, possibly Stockholm Syndrome.
It's not fun reading, but it is compelling and even though the subject matter is serious, heavy, suspenseful, I can tell that this book might be one of those that lingers.

By the way, I'm still reading all the stuff I was reading in last week's book post!

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Melanie Bettinelli said...

Me too. We should start a capricious reader club or something.