Saturday, January 2, 2010

Regular Guy Beanies

So, I knit these hats in the last two days, but they weren't intended for the boys. I used the Regular Guy Beanie pattern that I found at Ravelry. After I knit the first one, I determined it was just slightly too small for Paul. I then gave the hat to Luke and I proceeded to start on a second hat. I added a few extra rows, but again, it was too small and so I gave it to Sammy. Yes, I was too lazy to do a gauge swatch, but now the boys have wool hats for the winter! Now, I'm off to find a new Man Hat pattern for Paul!
By the way, I forgot to mention that I received the most awesome Christmas gift! I got a new camera. I had been unhappy with the quality of my photos on my blog for a while. So, these photos are the first on my blog using my new camera!!!! Thanks honey! I love the new camera!


Aussie Therese said...

Love the hats. I have very little patience with knitting. It seems to take so long. The only thing I like about it is you can take it with you where as sewing needs to be done at the machine.

Jennifer said...

They look perfect on your boys!

Betty Beguiles said...

They are so cute (the hats and the boys)! I am very impressed!

BTW, I spent an hour this afternoon scrolling through your Google Shared Items. I loved every one! I believe you just might be a kindred spirit, my dear! :)