Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter menu planning

It's Winter and it's now starting to become bitter cold around here. I've been wanting to plan a Winter menu for the past few weeks, but with all the busyness of the holidays, I just didn't make time to look through all my cookbooks, bookmarked recipes and magazines. The past few days I've been perusing through some of my favorite cookbooks and jotting down ingredients for lasagna with turkey sausage, filet of beef au poivre and Paul chose shrimp with tomatoes, basil and garlic from his cookbook, How to Boil Water. When I purchased this book for him a while back, he was a little insulted by the title at first until he saw that it really wasn't a cookbook for college students who can only manage boxed mac n' cheese. There are some good solid recipes in this cookbook! I really think that Ina Garten is the essence of good hearty comfort food. I don't think the filet mignon will make the Winter rotation, but it will be fun to try at home at least once during Winter.

I also want to try this soup that my friend Jennifer emailed to me a while back. It's just soup weather now! So, we'll try out these recipes and I'll add a few more. I'm trying to plan for three dinners during the weeknights with leftovers on the other nights. That makes planning a lot more manageable.

I'm going to try and put up a new soup recipe each week. This week will be the Toasted Bread, Bean and Vegetable soup from Sunset magazine.

Another resource I discovered this year is Everyday Food. I know this magazine has been around forever, but somehow I dismissed it thinking it would be lots of food made with a lot of processed ingredients, but it's not that at all. There are a lot of ads for foods that I would never eat, but the recipes don't really seem to use them. It offers some nice monthly food inspiration whenever I'm growing bored with our routines. I was given Cook's Illustrated as a birthday gift this year and this magazine is just awesome! I learn so much from reading this magazine. I would love it for the cover art alone!
Here's to a season of warmth and coziness around the table.


Betty Beguiles said...

I'm in the mood for soup, too. I just ordered 12 Months of Monastery Soups. I can't wait for it to arrive!

Looking forward to the recipes! :)

Take care!

Gae said...

Dear Carmie,
I love winter and all the comfort food that we make. We are huge soup and stew fans here and even have them in the summer.
I will look forward to reading th edifferent soup recepies each week.
God Bless

Karen E. said...

I've been wanting to try some new soups -- the soup in that link looks delicious! I feel comforted just reading this post. :)

Sarah said...

Just yesterday I thought, "I need to plan some menus." I did well in the fall, and then with the holidays, menu planning sorta flew out the window. This post was another helpful reminder that I'm ready to get back on track.