Tuesday, March 20, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Knitting

We had a busy and fun St. Patrick's Day this past weekend. I got up early to get our Irish stew (with Guinness) in the crock pot. I took Sammy and Tess to the Denver St. Patrick's Day Parade. Unfortunately, I scheduled Luke to take a babysitting course on St. Patrick's Day. So, Paul stayed behind with the twins to take Luke to his class. Along with our friends Ella and Evie, we enjoyed some of the parade. We couldn't stay for the whole parade as it's overwhelming for the little ones after a while. I was just happy to hear some bagpipes, see some Irish dancing and see lots of plaid everywhere!

Anyway, I decided to knit the girls and Sammy fun green hats to wear on St. Paddy's. It turns out that it was way too hot for these hats, but at least they posed for a picture. I used Plymouth Holiday Lights Yarn. It's very hard to see in these pictures (taken with my phone), but it sparkles. Little Tess is wearing a hat knit by Luke. Sam was a little disappointed that I couldn't knit him a hat with a leprechaun or pot of gold on it in time for St. Paddy's, but hey, he didn't get a pinch for not wearing green!

Little Green Girl

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